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Our Activities

P & I Clubs Correspondent


As one of RAFIMAR’s Group, MEPANDI Correspondent, defense, Insurance and re-insurance broker.

  • We render a service which we believe important to members and that is providing advice and assistance on advance before calling at Egyptian ports or before proceeding to operations in order to avoid any problems and minimize claims. Such advice and assistance is rendered by furnishing them with the required awareness of specific nature of the local rules and regulations governing the Egyptian shipping and trading industry enabling members to adopt simple protective measures to avoid subsequent huge claims. 

  • Arrest & detention of Ships is one of the major problems which cause losses to owners. Prompt intervention for releasing vessels from arrest is one of our main activities. Loss prevention and minimizing losses is considered also as one of our important attention.  

  • we carry out all kind of survey to vessel’s, cargoes, draft survey, damage to fixed objects, collision, grounding, underwater survey, condition survey and all other kinds of survey using professional and specialized surveyors on behalf of Ship owners/P&I Clubs/Charterers. 

  • We handle all kinds of cargo claims, examining documents reporting on each case in a realistic way proceeding in amicable settlements procedures. 

  • In addition to handling the Customs claims in respect of penalties, fines, …etc. and resolving these claims in the best way with lowest cost and expenses. 

  • Defending before all Jurisdiction degrees approved our ability to defend Marine Jurisdiction cases before courts acting on behalf of foreign law firms and ship owners. Our legal team, lawyers and consultants handle the cases in realistic way depending on their deep experience.

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