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World web sites

This page contains links to some of the major maritime links on the Internet. If you know that a URL should be present in this page but is not included please feel free to fill out this form to enable us to add it to our list of links after reviewing.




MARS (Maritime mobile Access & Retrieval System)

A database retrieval system developed by the International Telecommunication Union. This system allows the Maritime Community to consult the current contents of the master ITU ship station database.


Search the Norwegian Ship Registers

This site retrieve data by search for vessel name, signal letter or IMO number



On-line newspaper provide the name or the place to access shipping agencies data.



Provides an essential overview of the maritime industry, it contains : The Fairplay World shipping directory, ports guide, marine computing guide and shipping statistics.


Offshore Engineering Information Service

Includes information about publication and meetings dealing with oil and gas exploration and production, offshore health, safety and environmental protection ...


The World Shipping Directory

Has now made this in-house filing system available to serve shipowner to keep track of all companies that service their fleet.


Ships & Service

Is an Internet program that offers local, regional and international exposures to all sectors of the maritime industry.


Distribution Publication, Inc.

Is a publisher of ocean and international freight traffics and provides a complete publishing and filing services for ocean and terminal operators subject to tariff filing regulations of the US federal maritime commission FMC.


G&A Maritime services

Seaport list compiled by Luis Andrade, general manager of non-liner trades for G&A Maritime Services.


GENS The Professional Server (GENS)

GENS was founded in Tromso, Norway. The page has a definite bent toward Norwegian shipping and Europe, but its span is impressive, it offers pages on brokerages, consultants, education, electronics, finance, shipping agents and others.


The Maritime Global Net

Designed by Maritime Information Systems of Bristol, R.I., provides links to more than 200 maritime related companies and organization, from industry associations to ports worldwide.



The American Association of Port Authorities Seaports of the Americans page lists a number of port-related businesses on the web.


Sea-Land Service

Sea Land Service Inc. is the largest US based ocean carrier and a leader in the global shipping industry.


Business Monitor International Ltd

Business Monitor International (BMI) publishes specialist business information on global emerging markets for senior executives in more than 125 countries worldwide. A wholly independent, London-based company, BMI has specialized in the analysis of global emerging markets since its foundation in 1984.


UASC Home Page

United Arab Shipping Company is one of the major shipping companies in the world


Lloyd's List

Lloyd's List is the part of the worldwide business publishing group INFORMA PUBLISHING GROUP, Lloyd's List has a long history and remains a leading on line international maritime newspaper pioneer; which was first established in hard copy in 1734.  Lloyd's List on line information source covers all the main maritime sectors, Logistic, Energy, financial and trade/freight transport industry.



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