SCA Circular 1/2007


Suez Canal Transit Dues as of April 1, 2008

Article one

The Suez Canal Authority announces that transit dues for the year 2008 shall be according to the attached table.

Article two

  1. Circular 6/93 shall be cancelled.

  2. The reduction of 2% of Suez Canal normal dues, for double hull crude oil tankers, tankers of petroleum products, and chemical carriers (loaded or in ballast), and combined carriers (carrying crude oil or petroleum products), shall remain valid.

  3. For navy and auxiliary ships belonging to different countries, item (18) page (204) of the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation (edition December 2007) shall be applied.


Article three

This circular takes effect as of April 1, 2008.


Director, Transit Dept.

(El Sayed Zakria El Saaty)