International Multimodal Transport

Agency Services

Based on more than 34 years experience of agency activities with containers, tankers, general and
bulk cargo vessels, passengers and cruise ships, we can offer high level of following services:

1.Port operation for liner container vessels

Notifying the line with container terminal facilities. Special arrangements with pilots and tug boats to attend the vessel properly upon arrival and after complete operation. Regular pre-arrival notifications to cargo receivers. Advise the line and other agents at the other ports with the local rules of the customs, port and others to avoid unexpected fines. Preparing the discharging bay plans, other documents and submitting same to the container terminal prior vessel's arrival. Preparing the loading bay plan with all container details during vessel's operation and dispatch same by EDI to the line upon vessel's sailing. Up to date container tracking system enabling the line/client to trace the present status of each container. Regular notification to the shippers after loading their shipments till shipment's arrival at port of destination. Full coordination with terminal's stevedores to expedite container operation. Empty/full containers storage facility at our private yards with competitive container storage rates. Monitoring the condition of the container while receiving from consignees/shippers, notify the line in case of any damages observed. Assist the line for the full overdue containers and arrange for cargo de-stuffing/destruction enabling the line to reutilize the containers.

2.Port operation for other types of vessels (Tanker, bulk, cargo, cruise, etc) calling ports on Liner/Tramp basis

Detailed D/A estimation prior vessel's arrival according to port tariff. Permanently updated and detailed information about ports and cargo berths (depths, capacity, kinds of handling cargo, rates …etc) Advise master with the port rules and necessary precaution in order to avoid any fines in case of breaching the port rules. Sending regular pre-arrival notification to cargo receivers/shippers. Sending the Notice of Readiness to cargo receivers/shippers. Legal advisor to our principals in case of any dispute or cargo claims with any party. Attending the draft survey of the bulk carriers prior commencing and after complete operation. Attending cargo calculation and tanks' sounding for the tankers. Continuous supervision during cargo handling of vessels at the port. Timely and full reports to the principals about vessels handling. Cargo and ship's survey and tally services. Issuing the statement of facts according to the actual events during vessel's port stay. Quick dispatch of the final statement of account after vessel's departure with all the supported invoices.

3.Suez Canal transit representation

Calculation of competitive proforma of disbursement account. Up to date reporting of the transit prospects prior arrival. Updating the principal and vessel’s master with the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation. Recommendations for ship’s expenses/transit tolls saving. Proper attendance to the vessel upon arrival and prior clearing the Suez Canal through our qualified staff at Port Said and Suez office. Coordinating with all vendors/bunker & provision suppliers to ensure smooth delivery without delaying the vessel on her normal convoy. Prompt settlement after receiving the actual transit tolls invoice. Advise the owners of Suez Canal circulars concerning the rebates on the transit tolls and how to apply for same. Arrange of spare parts delivery during vessel's transit Proper reporting to the principals with the actual transit timing. Update the principals with any news/circular.

4.Protecting agent on behalf of vessel’s owners

Ship and ship’s equipment repair arrangement through the classified workshops. Customs clearance formalities through our Cairo-Airport office and spare parts delivery through our port offices. Crew changes formalities at any port or during Suez Canal transit which including:
- Arranging necessary entry Visa or "Ok to Board" if needed.
- Meet and assist the incoming joiners at the airport.
- Arrange for hotel accommodation if needed.
- Arrange transportation facility to/from the port.
- Finalizing the custom clearance/immigration formalities of the joiners.
- Arrange repatriation formalities for the off-signers.
- Booking proper flights for the off-signers avoiding hotel accommodation. Bunker supply with competitive bunker prices Fresh water supply. Provision supply through the most efficient vendors Technical, navigation and medical supply. Medical attendance to crew Assistance to master for lodging of sea protest Delivery of cash to master

Logistics & Forwarding Services

By one of RAFIMAR’s group (Allied Transport & Trade Co.) we are achieving the following services:

Forwarding service for all types of general, bulk and oil cargoes as well as cargoes in containers Air, Sea and Land transport services through strong global network of agents Customs clearance and certification of cargoes. Full logistical service for import/export and transit cargoes. Insurance of cargoes and shipments. Arrangement of cargo transportation in containers by all modes of transport. Booking, stuffing/de-stuffing of containers. Competitive inland haulage rates. Warehousing and distribution services. Consolidation/deconsolidation. Monitoring of containers transportation

P & I Clubs Correspondent

As one of RAFIMAR’s Group, MEPANDI Correspondent, defense, Insurance and re-insurance broker.

We render a service which we believe important to members and that is providing advice and assistance on advance before calling at Egyptian ports or before proceeding to operations in order to avoid any problems and minimize claims. Such advice and assistance is rendered by furnishing them with the required awareness of specific nature of the local rules and regulations governing the Egyptian shipping and trading industry enabling members to adopt simple protective measures to avoid subsequent huge claims. Arrest & detention of Ships is one of the major problems which cause losses to owners. Prompt intervention for releasing vessels from arrest is one of our main activities. Loss prevention and minimizing losses is considered also as one of our important attention. we carry out all kind of survey to vessel’s, cargoes, draft survey, damage to fixed objects, collision, grounding, underwater survey, condition survey and all other kinds of survey using professional and specialized surveyors on behalf of Ship owners/P&I Clubs/Charterers. We handle all kinds of cargo claims, examining documents reporting on each case in a realistic way proceeding in amicable settlements procedures. In addition to handling the Customs claims in respect of penalties, fines, …etc. and resolving these claims in the best way with lowest cost and expenses. Defending before all Jurisdiction degrees approved our ability to defend Marine Jurisdiction cases before courts acting on behalf of foreign law firms and ship owners. Our legal team, lawyers and consultants handle the cases in realistic way depending on their deep experience.

Other Services

Drug Testing representation:

We have a specialized team capable to attend the vessel at any port in short notice upon receiving the instructions from the company requesting the collection. Our mission is to collect the urine specimen from the crew members on board the vessel while calling at any of the Egyptian ports or during Suez Canal transit according to the Lab's procedures and dispatch it with all completed forms to the Lab for further Drug testing analysis

We are presently acting on behalf of the following drug testing companies: - Drug Testing International U.S.A

- Drug Testing International U.S.A
- Medscreen U.K.
- ELSSI Greece
- Marconova Sweden
- First Advantage U.S.A
- India House Path Lab India



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